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Barez Omer Shines at Global Entrepreneurship Week

Barez Omer of Analog Company Shines at Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Final Celebration

Barez Omer - Analog Agency
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November 19, 2023, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq

In a momentous convergence of creative brilliance and entrepreneurial fervor, the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Final Celebration took center stage on November 19, 2023. This grand event, orchestrated by the University of Kurdistan Hewler (UKH) in collaboration with @thestation.erbil and @officialgeniraq, emerged as a rallying point for innovation, uniting luminaries from diverse realms such as fashion, technology, media, graphic design, and entrepreneurship.

A standout presence amid these luminaries was Barez Omer, the esteemed Director of Analog Company, a beacon of creativity and digital ingenuity.

The event, marked by two enthralling panel discussions, sought to unravel and examine the intersection of Kurdish culture, fashion, and entrepreneurship. The inaugural panel, titled ‘Exploring the Fusion of Kurdish Culture, Fashion, and Entrepreneurship,’ played host to distinguished speakers who offered their unique insights:

  • Ambassador Lara Dizeyee: A Renowned Fashion Designer whose presentation on Kurdish-inspired Designs seamlessly blended tradition with contemporary trends, captivating the audience.
  • Tara Mulhare: A trailblazer in both fashion and IT from the International Trade Center Switzerland. Tara shared her perspectives on ‘Tech Threads,’ unveiling the potent synergy between Fashion and IT for Cultural Revitalization.
  • Mr. Mohammad Faith: The Managing Director of the KCAC, provided profound insights into preserving Kurdish Heritage through the digitalization of artifacts. His contribution shed light on the pivotal role of technology in safeguarding cultural legacies.

The panel discussions navigated through captivating topics, offering a profound exploration:

  1. From Tradition to Trends: The Evolution of Kurdish-inspired Fashion: Unveiling the journey from traditional Kurdish attire to the contemporary trends influencing the fashion landscape.
  2. Tech Threads: Uniting Fashion and IT for Cultural Revitalization: Delving into the transformative power of technology in revitalizing and contemporizing cultural elements within the realm of fashion.
  3. Digitalizing Culture: The Impact on Entrepreneurial Ventures: Exploring the broader implications of digitizing cultural elements and its profound impact on entrepreneurial initiatives.

Barez Omer, as a significant contributor to the event, brought Analog Company’s unique perspective to the forefront. His presence showcased the agency’s unwavering commitment to innovation, firmly establishing Analog Company at the intersection of technology, design, and entrepreneurship.

The celebration of global entrepreneurship didn’t conclude here. A promise echoed for a subsequent post, teasing the unveiling of the second-panel discussion—an anticipation of continued revelations and dynamic perspectives.

Barez Omer’s active participation in the GEW Final Celebration stands as a testament to Analog Company’s dedication to leading conversations that shape the future of technology, design, and entrepreneurship.

Stay tuned for more profound insights as we eagerly await the revelation of the second-panel discussion in the ongoing saga of the Global Entrepreneurship Week Final Celebration.

Anas Chomany
IT Manager at Analog Company

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